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“You’re messed up.”


Darkside laughed. “Are you— you are actually concerned for him? Oh my dearie, how important he must be to you. Or maybe you just consider all life important, hm?” He purred as he circled the male like a feral beast sizing up prey.

"I’m not lying. You can go find him if you’d like. He’s in his study nice and bound. Not to fret, I gave him something to read. A history book on the rise and fall of the viking empires.” A bit cruel, yes, but Mani needed a sharp reminder as to where his priorities were supposed to be. 

He had already spent too much time here. “He needed to be educated. You’re a distraction, you know. Keeping him from his job.” Oh sure, Lunar could move through time as easily as he did space, wind up shortly after he left, but it was the principle of the thing that Darkside was attempting to show him.

That being attached to mortals was utterly foolish.

Hiccup tensed, that look in Darkside’s eyes were feral and predatory. It sent chills up and down his spine. What exactly was he driving at? “All life is important, it shouldn’t matter if they are man, animal or people like Mani. I do value it, and I won’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t.” Darkside never said anything about hurting him or Mani, but he was thrown for a loop when Darkside mentioned a book on the ‘rise and fall of the viking empire’. 

They were just starting out, and they had a long line a head of him. His tribe had been there for generations and it would be for generations to come…right?

He let a pained breath escape from his lips, before chewing his lower lips and glaring at him. “What Mani does on his time shouldn’t concern you, if he wants to spend time with me, what’s wrong with that?” A small smirk played on his lips to hide the fear that was growing. “Are you jealous? With your personality I’m shocked you’re not surrounded by them.”

omnipotentmoon: "Hiccup?" Finding the male was easy, due to his dragon curled up outside his door. "Hiccup I require your aide. This sundial needs meticulous calibration and your assistance would be greatly appreciated."




A flush found his features and he squeezed his eyes shut. 


Of course, Gods, any other time he’d have rushed out to aide the other. Eagerly and enthusiastically.

"I…I’m sorry. I’m afraid I…can’t come out. I know that…you’ll be able fix it." He flet like his chest was going to beat out of his chest. His body heated higher then it ever had been before. A small hunger inside him that would only grow fiercely if he caught sight of anything that moved. 

So he’d closed his eyes, just to be sure he wouldn’t see anyone.

Odin help him.

Toothless looked up at Mani, glancing back at the door. 'I don't think Hiccup's feeling well today. He wouldn't look at me and won't let me inside.' His ears fell back against his head as he glanced at the door. 

'I think somethings happened to him.'



The touches felt like a surge of electricity. Mani shifted his hips against the male. He had lost himself to a surge of desire. To be honest, the Tsar was quite attracted to Hiccup. But this was something different. There was little emotional attachment behind these actions.

"I-It has been a long time." Mani gasped, holding Hiccup near. "Have you…ever with a-a man?" If the younger male hadn’t he’d have to instruct him. Any advice he might offer was lost as the male assaulted his neck. Mani let out a soft keening moan, nuzzling the brunette.

"B-Bed." He ordered.

Hiccup paused a moment, the question was sinking in as a deeper flush fell to  his cheeks. “I..I h-haven’t.” He whispered against the man’s neck, feeling the others heartbeat race against his lip.

Though Mani was pressed against the wall, it was Hiccup that was wrapped so tightly around the Tsar’s finger. Pulling his form off the wall so they could move to the bed. It wasn’t as soft as normal bed’s were suppose to be, but it served it’s purpose.

He guessed anyway.

"I-I’m sorry…I…don’t know what I’m doing." He felt embarrassed, he’d started this and he couldn’t even carry it out, knowing he’d be a bumbling idiot with fumbling fingers. And the one he idolizes was beneath him, eyes staring up into his own eyes. "Wh..what do I do?"