berserkershieldmaiden: "I don't care what they think, to me, you are perfect."




Hiccup watches her for a few brief moments before a smile lands on his lips. “Thank you..that…means a lot to me. Though…your brother and the Berserkers are pretty dead set on…hating me and making me out to be the bad guy.”




Asta chuckled lightly, putting her hands on her hips before grinning. “Oh I know perfectly well what you’re saying Hiccup. But, I don’t mind if you ever do want to hide behind me.” She gave him a wink. Asta had come to like Hiccup a lot, truth be told she never thought she’d ever befriend him but things change.


He smiles softly at her, “I wouldn’t do that. I mean. I am a Viking after all so I will fight my own battles.” He chuckles a bit, placing a fist on his chest so that it he looked tough. Though he knew, in a hand to hand combat against Dagur, Hiccup would more then likely lose as he was more prone to a more logical solution. 





"Just go straight." Eclipsa said, then feeling something… it was awkward around here. Something was way too different. She put her hand in her crystal pocket, grabbing a crystal to blast with. It’s too quiet, Eclipsa thought. "LOOK OUT!" She screamed, shoving Hiccup out of the way to only get cut deep in the shoulder by a sharp cornered boomerang.

Hiccup watches for a brief moment before pulling out his flaming sword and surrounding them both with the zippleback’s gas and setting it on fire before rushing over toward the girl. “Eclipsa? What happened? Are you all right? Oh gods…l-look at your arm. H-hold on we have to get out of here.”

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For the dancing and the dreaming


I wanted to draw something that looked a bit less like what I normally do.




Delanie had enjoyed her art class the past few days. They’ve worked on charcoal and she has gotten a lot better, according to her teacher anyway. She had grown a small crush on her teacher, he was handsome and sweet, and very honest about her work, that’s how she got so much better! She walked into his class after school and brought him a piece she had been working on for weeks. “Sir..?” She whispered, walking to his desk. “Can you give me your honest opinion about this piece?” She placed it on his desk, showing a dragon flying against a sunset.

Hiccup looks up when he hears he soft voice, glancing up he hands her a wide smile. Eagerness in his green eyes, “Of course, I would love to see what you’ve done Delanie.” 

As she revealed the piece, his breath almost left him, it is amazing. He can tell great effort and joy in it. She’d taken his advice and placed contrast between the hues of the sun against the horizon. The different colors in the sky, and he could even see some of it dancing on the scales of the dragon.

"Oh my god, Delanie..this is…this is amazing. This…I have to say that I am impressed with your focus and drive to improve, it really shows in this piece here." His eyes scanning over the piece once more before looking at her once more. "I am impressed." He smiles widely at her, "When did you find time to do this between the projects? This…Delanie, this is breath taking."

|| runningtowardtomorrow




"No I…" She closed her hand, her nails digging against her palm as she closed her eyes and took a breath. There was no ‘conceal dont feel’, it didnt work. It all just exploded in her face. Concealing it was worse than them knowing, and she knew. But it never removed the fear or rejection, of disgust. 

"I have powers. I was born like this." Her tone faltered a little, her grip on him loosening as she anticipated a terrible response. Elsa could not see his face, and part of her didnt want to for fear of what she would find there. No longer was she afraid of what she could do, but rather of the reactions she would get when she did it. "I dont know how or why or anything like that. But I…I can do, make, things with ice. Just by thinking about it."

Elsa looked around at the sky, at the air and the freedom of their surrounds. That was what she had come here for; for freedom. For peace. Yet her heart sank; he would soon know her truth, or hear about it. 

"They call me the Snow Queen. I didnt…I’m sorry. I should have told you before you brought me up here. You can put me down wherever you want. I’ll make a new ship and keep going; you wont be bothered by me again." 

Hiccup was silent for a moment before turning to look back at the blonde behind him. “You have power to control ice? That’s…wow..that’s awesome! and made that boat! That’s just, I..I’ve never seen anyone with this kind of ability!” 

Toothless hums lightly before pushing off toward the island. He hadn’t gotten a bad vibe from the queen, but an sort of powerful vibe from her. That would explain why, her own aura was a calming and kind one, Toothless knew Hiccup wouldn’t judge her to harshly, after all she hadn’t attacked them and even kindly asked for help.

She could  have demanded it, but didn’t, she could have killed him and taken off but she didn’t. Elsa had asked and desperately needed his help. Looking for a place to seek refuge and sanctuary.

Hiccup would give it to her.

"You say you were born with it?" 


umm…I dunno…