My heart is broken.





"All right so where are we now?"

Xarina opened the book and handed to him. “Chapter fifteen, when the heroine and the prince meet the troll.”


"Are you sure? I’m pretty sure we were further then that?" He mutters softly.

fananadoms: (for Hiccup) "Shut up." -Alice
Send "Shut up." for my character's reaction to yours pushing them against the wall and kissing them.

His eyes shot open as he felt her lips against his own, his breath left him as if she sucked the very breath from his lungs. Cheeks red, and eyes full of shock and fear. Gently pushing her face away, Hiccup cleared his throat before attempting to talk.



Familiar faces - closed for runningtowardtomorrow



"Pft don’t apologize, stuff happens." Jack had laughed softly at how serious the other had taken such a little thing, taking his time to just look over his new roommate. There was something oddly familiar about him, but he just..couldn’t quite place it. "Eh there’ve been worse ones..can’t say you’re in the top ten of all time." Jack tried to reassure him, tilting his head a bit as their eyes met.


There was something about those eyes, but all of a sudden it fell into place as the other spoke, gave his name, his own eyes widening. “Hoooly shit…Hiccup?!" He laughed and stepped back. "Whoa whoa hang on! I need to get a look at you man!" Jack gently tugged at the other to try and get him to turn around. The albino laughed softly, grinning wide as pale fingers slipped back through his hair. "Geeze you got -tall-" He looked up at Hiccup who now had a good two to three inches on him and grinned slightly. "Guess all that milk your dad made you drink finally paid off huh?"

Jack smiled at him before giving him a playful nudge on his shoulder. “Man, I get to go to art school and I get you as a roomie. I lucked out something major~” He grinned, leaving him to unpack as he headed back to his closet to finish getting everything organized. “So what major are you in Hic?”

Hiccup gave a nervous laugh as Jack finally remembers who he is. A small flush hitting his cheek as he looked away from him. Though he did let the slightly smaller male turn him around so he could get a full view of him. A crooked grin resting on his lips as he let his hands rest at his sides. 

"Yeah..I guess…though I’m still not as big as my dad is." He chuckles lightly before clearing his throat and turning to grasp his bag once more. Moving to unpack some of his clothes and place them in the closest and dresser. 

"Oh, uh…arts." He stops as his eyes studied the hoodie in his hands before actually hanging it up. "Dad wasn’t to happy about that. He wants me to go into business but that’s just…not who I am..y’know?" 



Send "Shut up." for my character's reaction to yours pushing them against the wall and kissing them.

This is a dream.

It had to be a dream. Jack, the man he’d had a crush on since middle school, was shoving him against the wall and kissing him. Letting his eyes roll into the back of his head, Hiccup let his hands automatically move to Jack’s face. 

Though his heart was beating loudly and heavily in his chest, heating his body up to the point of turning him red. Oh gods, he never pictured this happening..like ever.


Warm hands cupping his face, the body against his relaxing and accepting his rather forward answer to one of Hiccup’s self depreciating rants. He hated those. Hiccup was smart, resourceful, not to mention Jack thought him rather handsome…okay that was an understatement. Drop dead gorgeous was at least in the right ballpark.

Him and his freckles and those bright green eyes that he could get lost in..not to mention that stupid smile of his. Jack gave a low sound in his throat as he pressed his face eagerly into his hands, giving a soft suckle at his lower lip. Slowly he pulled away, settling his forehead on Hiccup’s with a slight smile as he panted for his breath. His own cheeks were flushed and he couldn’t help but admire how Hiccup’s freckles stood out against the now red skin of his cheeks.

His face was red, redder then he wanted it to be. Highlighting his freckles and almost running up his ears. A soft moan fell from his lips as he felt Jack softly suck on his lower lip. Dazed for a bit as he left his eyes closed for a moment before he slowly opened them to look at the deep blue ones across from him.

What was he saying again?

Damn him, his mind was blank he couldn’t even remember what the hell he was talking about. Biting his own lower lip, Hiccup shook  his head. “Gods I hate you.” There was no conviction in his words, in fact it was said more lovingly then it was hatefully. He adored being this close to him, seeing the subtle freckles that dotted Jack’s pale skin and over his nose. Silver hair framing his face and highlighting his perfect blue eyes.

Before he could stop himself, Hiccup had pressed his lips to Jack’s once more. Wrapping his arms tightly around Jack’s neck and his hands tangled in his soft locks.

runningtowardtomorrow: "Mani!" Hiccup ran up and embraced the other shorter male before pressing his lips lightly to the others. "I've missed you. How've you been?"


"H-Hiccup!" The male squeaked, shuddering from the kiss. "You have returned… I am happy."

"Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just…was excited when I saw you." Clearing his throat, Hiccup let his hands gently rest on Mani’s hips. "What have you been up to while I was gone?"

The Reason We Are ((Hannah-the-small))



A chief? The crowd murmured in shock, they had been so rude to a chief… it was a poor judgement by their part. 

The fact he had a tame dragon, well Hannah was both fearful and excited. Straightening our her apron she gave a short nod, “I… will help you. If you let me see your dragon after?” she replied, receiving stares from her fellow tribe members. 

Her father would be furious, but Hannah had never had the chance to see a live dragon up close… and if it wasn’t dangerous then there was nothing for her to worry about right?

Hiccup grinned enthusiastically as she agreed to help him. He thought he might have to go a bit farther, but she made it easier for him.

"Sure, that shouldn’t be to hard. Toothless is harmless, really like a big cat." He nods lightly at her, "I apreciate it more then you know. We’re running low on some supplies and our trading ship is a few days out." He chuckles softly before glancing around. So..um..what do I call you?"

runningtowardtomorrow: "Dra-bae." Hiccup crooned at his husband as he curled next to him. A wide grin on his lips as messy brunette locks fell in front of green eyes. "You awake?"





He had been sleeping, but when he felt Hiccup’s weight beside him, he immediately woke up, taking in a quick breath as his eyes peeked open, then he smirked and murmured, “Perhaps… Depends on what you need me for.”


Drago chuckled softly whispered, “I just want to know how awake I should be…” He brought his hand to Hiccup’s back, rubbing up and down his spine slowly, “What’s on your mind, my little canary?”

Chewing the inside of his lips, Hiccup smirked softly before crawling on top of him. Straddling Drago’s waist. “How awake you should be? Well, I suppose if you would rather go back to sleep then spend time with me, that’s fine.” Lifting his shoulders in a shrug, Hiccup moves to slide off the other. “I’m sure some one would like to spend time with me. Dra-bae.” He smirked almost wickedly at him.

Drago hummed when Hiccup crawled on top of him, his hand immediately going to Hiccup’s hip, but when he slid off of him again, his smirk turned to a frown of confusion.

In a dangerous tone—one that no longer held true danger like it used to—he growled, “You better get back here, little chief, or I will remind you who, exactly, is in charge.”

Which was, ultimately, Hiccup. He always called the shots, and Drago was happy to follow his orders.

Hiccup hummed thoughtfully before turning to face him once more. “Well I don’t know that you’re awake enough to deal with me.” He kid, raising a brow at the other before crossing his arms over his chest. “Besides, we both know who’s in charge here. Do I need to remind you?” A chuckle left his lips before moving back to Drago. Being busy with his village pulled him from spending time with Drago.

Laying down beside Drago, Hiccup looked over the other male before pulling a dread from his face. Tracing a scar from his forehead down his cheek. “How late were you up exactly?”



"All right so where are we now?"

serpentine-rouge: ~A small, light brown box sat there; a white ribbon holding it shut. Inside, was a dragonlike plush that slightly resembled Hiccup. A note read: I hope you like it! Sincerely,Soldan~

A smile found its way to his lips as he held the plush in his hand. A soft chuckle crawling it’s way from his chest.  It was rather cute, fascinating really…how did she manage to make it so detailed? 

"Thanks Soldan…I…" aaaand he was talking to himself once more. "I’ll have to thank her in person.