Hiccup and Toothless by Zinfer

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Hide n Seek by Zinfer

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SPOILER Saving Hiccup by Zinfer

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Fandom Fashion Friday! (*gasp* On time?! Heck yeah!) Anonymous asked for Fishlegs as a biologist so TADA! 

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my neck hurts doing this

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anon asked me for these girls wearing swimsuits. 

Tried a different way of drawing and it was hella fun!


Hiccup and Astrid Art Trade with Clara :D

I did the lines for Astrid and the colouring for Hiccup, Clara did the lines for Hiccup and colouring for Astrid!

capricorn-circus: Gamzee jumped off his dragon that was completely different from the others. He quickly took out his sword and pointed at Hiccup. "Friend or Foe, easy question."




Hiccup jumped back at the sight of the being in front of him, green eyes widening as his hand rested on the sheath of his sword. “Friend! Preferrably!” He furrowed his brows at him, “Wh-what? Are you?”



"I’m from a Hive System, in a different dimension. It’s complicated." Gamzee put his hood on and tilted his head. "He’s a….I guess a I could call him a Trollian Dragon. His name is Spitslime."

The dragon playfully nudged Gamzee to the side and paused, looking at Toothless with a serious expression. His horns turned into a light purple as he leaned in, sniffing his nose a bit. Spitslime jerked back and made a goat squeak.

"He’s scared of him…" Gamzee looked at Toothless and smiled.

Removing his hand from the hilt, Hiccup moved to stand next to Toothless, to keep the dark dragon at bay. “Hive System huh? Different dimension?” He was going to ask what a dimension is, but knew that it was a discussion for a later time. “I….can’t say that I’ve heard of a dragon such as a Trollian Dragon.” 

Hiccup’s gaze turned to the strange looking dragon, it did indeed seem fidgety when Toothless had moved up. “Yeah, sorry about that, Toothless is really protective about me when it comes to other dragon’s.” He gently pet Toothless head before looking back at Gamzee. “Is there anything II can do…to help you get back to you dimension?”